onsdag den 20. februar 2008

Cola addiction terminated!!!! (Hopefully)

Okay I'm gonna write this in english, so maybe some of the "not danish/swedish/norweigan" people understands it too. :P

I've stopped drinking cola!!!!! It's now official , which is A BIT THING! :D

I've been so addicted the last 2 years to that shit, but now! 3 days of soberness!!!! :D

I'll be updating how my little "adventure" goes from this day forth! So you can feel pity for me. lol.

Well, if you have something to say, please write a comment or wait for the new exciting episode to come! xD



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Anonym sagde ...

haha :D jeg giver dig et årsforbrug af cola.. muhahaa !:D

- hilsen Jytte fra matas